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New Pyonex

New Pyonex is most innovative product on the TCM market of the recent years.

Foremost its packaging and the resulting handling is formidable. Through this it is possible to unpack the needle and place it without touching the needle tip or the plaster itself. That way you never need to worry that the needle might stick to your finger or anything else, while looking at the point where you want to put it.

You can use the New Pyonex for a wide range of treatment possibilities.

I use it foremost for two different issues.

A. Pain of any kind, but most of all Pain in the muscular skeletal system.

For me the New Pyonex is the easiest way to alleviate pain in a very simple way: stick the needle on the Trigger or Ah Shi point and the pain will probably disappear. Stick it on any point of pain and the pain will most likely disappear. This comes very handy when you are travelling or in a situation where you can not needle.
But also for older people, where there is a limited possibility of them doing a lot of exercise or influencing the pain due to there limited flexibility.
I have gotten very good result especially in shoulder and neck pain. I normally use Ah Shi points but also regular meridian points to increase the flow of Qi.
I usually use for shoulder pain TH 13, TH 14, Co 15, Co 16, and Ah Shi pts

B. Children

Children don´t like to be needled. It scares them and even though the needle pain is when done right very very limited, I have the experience, especially in frightened kids that it makes them extremely uneasy if you come up with a needle. Due to New Pyonex this problem is easily eliminated: I normally either massage the point or treat it with colored light, before I stick a New Pyonex needle on it. Kids normally enjoy getting plasters, as it means the pain is over and so I have the experience that they really enjoy getting New Pyonex needle stuck on them.

For grown ups I use the green New Pyonex 0.9mm, for kids I use the yellow ones 0.6mm.
Wherever I go I always carry New Pyonex needles with me: you never know when you need it.