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1. Our use of New Pyonex

We have been using the New Pyonex for several years. New Pyonex has extended our scope of treatment because it’s become possible to apply press tacks on points on the sole and the tips of fingers and toes, which used to be difficult because these areas are so sensitive. The New Pyonex are painless. Also, by applying New Pyonex on points used for regular treatment, we have been able to promote and extend the effect of treatment. New Pyonex can also be placed on the face without issue. Even if the patient decides to remove them when going out, New Pyonex can be reattached when returning home or going to bed and the effect can be prolonged.

2. Clinical Application of New Pyonex

1 ) Application for scars and wounds

In cases with scars, New Pyonex can be applied directly on the scar. In the case of surgical scars on the abdomen or chest, two New Pyonex can be placed on both ends of the scar. In the case of a new wound, find several tender points about 1cm away from the wound and apply New Pyonex.
Use 0.6mm (yellow) New Pyonex.


New Pyonex is effective not only for the pain from the wound itself, but also for pulling pain and radiating pain from the formation of scar tissue in local and connected areas.

2) Application for eyestrain, strabismus, and astigmatism

In cases of eyestrain apply New Pyonex on BL-2 and Meizhong (middle of eyebrow) on both sides. In cases of strabismus and astigmatism palpate the areas between and just below ST-2 and the side of the nose. Locate two or three tender points and attach New Pyonex.
Use 0.6mm or 0.3mm (yellow or orange) New Pyonex.


Here is a simple explanation of the effects of the above listed points not just for eyestrain from working at a computer screen and increased study time, but also for strabismus and astigmatism. ST-2 is said to be a point for treating “three whites” (the upward displacement of the iris). This means it corrects the alignment of the eyes. This area is also related to the Large Intestine and Stomach meridians. Thus the adverse effects of over-eating and over-consumption of alcohol that fatigues the digestive system and decrease stomach Qi appear here. It also shows effects on the eyes from nasal diseases caused by mouth breathing which damages the ciliary ganglia. Also reflects distortions in the sphenoid bone from poor posture and/or sleeping habits. This can also cause over stretching or slackness in the optical nerve. The above points are considered effective for the variety of symptoms caused by these factors from an embryological standpoint, the mucous membranes of the nose, throat, and the anterior lobe of the pituitary originate from the same place, and thus these points may affect hormonal abnormalities thus their application is even broader.


Patients on blood thinners and anticoagulants easily get internal hemorrhage, so thin and short needles are recommended. Also it’s best to obtain informed consent before treating such patients.

3) Application for allergies

Place New Pyonex above and below and to the left and right of the navel. This is at the 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 3 o’clock positions.


The navel is a remnant of the umbilical cord, which is a vital link with the mother before birth. Umbilical blood is so rich in hematopoietic stem cells that it is often used for white blood cell abnormalities. Allergies are immune dysfunctions so one can affect the immune system by stimulating the dormant stem cells in the navel. The upper part of the navel is also connected to the liver, so this could also activate the Chuffer cells in the liver which have an immune stimulating function. Use 0.6mm (yellow) New Pyonex.


The above points are on the waistline, and friction from belts etc. can cause needles to come loose or move. Sometimes additional tape is needed to secure them, and it would be wise to obtain patient consent.

4) Application for chronic tonsillitis (immune enhancement)

Place New Pyonex on LI-11. Apply on 1 to 3 tender points around the Nagano style LI-11, which is lateral to LI-11 on the margin of the lateral epicondyle (between the Large Intestine and Triple Burner meridians).


The Nagano style LI-11 is located closer to the Triple Warmer meridian. The tonsils protect us from germs that enter our body along with air and food. Weakening of the tonsils can be detected by reactions at TB-16. The Triple Warmer meridian guards the Weiqi and defends Shen. Many chronic diseases are related to function of the immune system, and strengthening the tonsils with LI-11 leads to an increased immunity.
Use 0.6mm (yellow) New Pyonex.

5) Application for otitis media and pharyngealtonsillar hypertrophy

Place New Pyonex on SP-7, Upper TB-9 (one third of the distance from TB-10 toward TB-4), and LR-13.


Just as in the immune dysfunctions discussed above, pharyngeal-tonsillar hypertrophy is caused by germs. Reactions appear at TB-16. Needling LR-13 removes the reaction at TB-16. SP-7 on the Spleen meridian begins with the character “Lo” which refers to water and thus has a strong connection with the kidneys. The reaction points for otitis media (TB-17 & 21) can also be removed by treating Upper TB-9 on the Triple Warmer meridian.
Use 0.6mm (yellow) New Pyonex.

6) Application for shoulder tension at GB-21 and along Small Intestine meridian

Place New Pyonex on SP-9 for shoulder tension at GB-21 and, if it is along the Small Intestine meridian, place New Pyonex on eye points mentioned above under (2).


Shoulder tension has many causes so it’s difficult to list the effective points. Thus, we will only list the points for the above mentioned two types.
Use 0.6mm (yellow) New Pyonex, for the face use 0.6mm or 0.3mm (yellow or orange) New Pyonex.

3. Our assessment and Recommendation of New Pyonex

We use New Pyonex with confidence in our practice because they are hygienic needles causing no pain, and they deliver certain effects. Our basic approach is to use regular needles on treatment points and then to apply New Pyonex afterward to support the effect. However, the abovementioned points deliver a significant effect with just New Pyonex, so we have introduced their use here. Be advised that applications on the abovementioned points clearly work better when a Nagano and Kiiko Matsumoto style of treatment is performed first.