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Acupuncture During Exercise

Amongst all of the different techniques of acupuncture, using New Pyonex press needles by Seirin affords the practitioner a unique and effective tool when it comes to combining acupuncture treatment with rehabilitative exercises. Seirin uses a high quality stainless steel needle with a hypo-allergenic porous adhesive tape that keeps the needle in proper position even in the most active patients. I have used many different press needles in my 20 years of combining acupuncture and exercise and I have found that New Pyonex needles are the best quality and pain-free. The New Pyonex press needles come in .20 gauge and range in length from 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm. For acupuncture stimulation during exercise I prefer to use either the 0.9mm or 1.2mm press needles. I have used the 0.6 mm needles on sensitive patients and they consistently report no discomfort during any of their rehabilitative exercises. Sending patients home with New Pyonex press needle so that they can perform their home exercises while receiving a “treatment” can reduce rehabilitation times.

Strategies for New Pyonex Press Needle Use

The practitioner may choose to use these press needles on points that were already stimulated in the main treatment in order to reinforce the effects of that treatment, or they may choose an entirely new set of points with a slightly different effect or focus. The following are different examples of using New Pyonex press needles as an adjunctive treatment for musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation and during athletic events.

  • The practitioner may choose to use New Pyonex needles as an adjunctive treatment that focuses on reducing pain and easing tension in the channels and collaterals. For example, a patient with lateral epicondylitis will often have less pain after placing a press needle at LI 2 (erjian) or LI 3 (sanjian).
  • With musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation such as with an acute injury, the practitioner can apply New Pyonex press needles on the well-jing and cleft-xi points of the affected channel(s) to help successfully rid the channel(s) of obstructions.
  • During rehabilitative exercises, the practitioner can apply New Pyonex needles to extraordinary vessel (qi jing ba mai) points and motor points to constantly stimulate proprioception and enhance the flow of qi and blood in the channels.
  • During athletic events there are a few point prescriptions that are successful at subjectively increasing endurance and agility. One such prescription is the application of New Pyonex press needles to specific points: Auricular: Lung point, DU 14 (dazhui), ST 36 (zusanli) and UB 58 (feiyang).

Used as a primary treatment or post-treatment, New Pyonex needles are the best press needles when it comes to patient comfort and continued stimulation of the energetic systems.